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05th Apr 2024

What we know about the Legally Blonde TV series

Kat O'Connor

A Legally Blonde series is just what we need

We thought we were getting a third Legally Blonde movie, but a series is actually underway.

Gossip Girl and The OC fans will be thrilled to hear that the show is being written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

There’s no doubt the show will be a major hit but fans are unsure if the reported third movie will ever be made.

Reese Witherspoon confirmed the TV series news this morning:

Writing on the Hello Sunshine Instagram page, she revealed the show is currently in development.

“We’re bringing #LegallyBlonde back to your screens in a spin-off TV series inspired by the film.

“Currently in development with Amazon MGM Studios, the project has tapped Gossip Girl and The OC vets Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage to write.”

She teased: “Stay tuned for more details as we have them.”

A third movie was reportedly in the works in 2021 with a 2022 release date in mind but it looks like the series will replace another film.

In 2021, Pamela Adby, an MGM executive told The Hollywood Reporter that the film was set to following Elle Woods at 40.

“It’s really happening. Mindy Kaling and Dan [Goor] are writing it now for Reese [Witherspoon] to star.”

“Reese and Lauren Neustadter are producing with Marc Platt. We’re all developing it together,” she added.

“What does Elle Woods look like at 40?” Adby asked. “Elle is a mum with a thriving career. We’re looking forward to seeing the script come in sometime in the first quarter [of 2022.]”

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