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22nd Apr 2024

RTE show slammed as the ‘worst programme ever made’



“It makes Mrs Brown’s Boys look like Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation in comparison.” 

RTE viewers have been left thirsty for laughs after watching The Full Irish Hidden Camera Show with many wondering just how bad it can really get.

Starring 2FM’s breakfast crew, Doireann Gerrihy, Donncha O’Callaghan, and Carl Mullan, the co-hosts are let loose on the public to go and prank the life out of them.

But after last night’s show many people took the X (formerly known as Twitter) to lambast the trio labelling it as “simply awful”.

One person wrote on X: “Who in RTE thought The Full Irish Hidden Camera Show was a good idea? Was it to give presenters jobs? Make them ‘talent’?

“It’s not funny, original, and looks scripted. How does no one recognise one of Ireland’s most recognisable sports stars and a TV presenter in bad disguises?”

Another wrote an even more scathing review, typing: “The Full Irish Hidden Camera Show on RTE is the worst programme in the history of television. It makes Mrs Brown’s Boys look like Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation in comparison.”

A third wrote: “Who was the genius who put The Full Irish on RTE? A hidden camera show that looks scripted to the last and is the least funny thing on television.”

And it wasn’t just the general public who called the show out.

Writing for the Irish Times, Patrick Freyne wrote an article about the show titled: “The Full Irish Hidden Camera Show understands that craic must be baited, captured and solemnly clubbed to death.”

In the article, he pondered: “I sometimes wonder if Ireland is a hidden-camera prank show, one where we all laugh when we realise we have been living in an idyllic state with American-style taxes and Scandinavian-style services all along.”

And no, this isn’t the first time the show has come under fire.

Just months ago people were saying the same thing, with one man taking to X, to write: “With #RTE reported to be broke, who the hell was paid to come up with such a sh*t show as the full Irish hidden Camera show. Only saw the last five minutes after tuning in for #FairCity. Bet the 3 presenters are on huge salaries as well.”

Another wrote: “The Full Irish Hidden Camera is so so so bad. Not remotely funny. 160 euro TV license for this rubbish.”