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30th Nov 2017

Kelly Clarkson’s Carpool Karaoke is quite possibly the best

For a very different reason.

We think Kelly this tops them all.

We’re used to the Carpool Karaoke format at this stage. James Corden makes a call asking someone to carpool with him on the way to work, next thing a singer hops into the car and off they go.

They bash out their biggest selling singles and any new ones they want to promote. But, every now and then James will change things up and will plan a surprise or a task for the celebrity.

For Kelly Clarkson, he pulled out all the stops and it’s making her Carpool stand out from the crowd.

He invited her husband on board for a date, and not just any old date, a candlelit dinner with a violinist serenading them. James said that because she works so hard he wanted to arrange a date night for them.


They fed each other strawberries while romantic music played. Meanwhile, her husband said he felt like they were making a porn movie, which changed the mood.

It’s absolutely gas and very well played.