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28th Mar 2024

These are the top reasons that couples argue over the TV

Jody Coffey


These are all pretty relatable

In many relationships, the TV can almost serve as a third person.

Between cosying up on the couch watching a movie and getting stuck into a new series, watching TV together can become a comforting and relaxing downtime for couples.

However, there are instances when the activity can become a source of argument between two partners.

Research by streaming service Roku has uncovered the reasons how the TV can create a divide.

For the study, 2,000 couples were polled on their television habits and discourse on bickers related to them.

The number one culprit of TV-related arguments was the volume their partner watched it on.

Credit: Canva

Almost one in five participants said their significant other’s TV habits annoyed them on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent of respondents admitted that they would remove themselves from the room when their partner was watching their programmes.

Surprisingly, 27 per cent of couples said that arguments about the TV resulted in them purchasing an additional monitor.

26 per cent of participants believed that a bigger-sized television would resolve conflicts in this regard.

Other ways the TV has resulted in tension include talking during a show, falling asleep mid-episode, and the height of the TV.

The top 14 TV-related arguments from the survey were as follows:

1. The volume

2. Deciding what to watch

3. Asking questions during shows

4. Talking over shows

5. Taking too long to pick a show

6. Falling asleep while watching

7. Having to rewatch shows because my partner missed it

8. Using the phone while watching

9. Hogging the remote

10. Misplacing the remote

11. Going ahead with shows we watch together

12. Deciding when to watch

13. Favourite seat/who sits where

14. Watch with English voice-over or in the original language of a show