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28th Mar 2024

Woman who insisted her dog is vegan proved wrong on live TV



Who would’ve thought?

This Morning took on a groundbreaking biological experiment during their show a few years back, led by the inquisitive Professor Eamonn Holmes who found out, once and for all, a definitive answer to one of life’s most perplexing questions.

Do dogs, who are the world’s most abundant land-based carnivore, prefer meat or not-meat? Like some carrots and peas and stuff. In a bowl. What would they go for, dya think?

What do you reckon? Again, it’s a dog. You might be familiar with dogs, and their dietary habits. And how they like meat. How they really like meat. How a dog would step over you, and everything you’ve ever loved, to steal that scrap of chicken left on your plate after a roast dinner, or how they sit in front of you and watch you, eyes moist and agape, silently begging for that crumb of spicy beef, that morsel of pepperoni.

Again, do you think the dog ate the meat? Or do you think it ate the bowl of carrots?

It ate the big bowl of meat. Obviously it ate the big bowl of meat. Obviously it just smashed the chunky, chunky meatiness.

Lucy Carrington, who was on the show with her ‘vegan’ husky Storm, believed her dog had become a herbivore by choice after noticing it had been put off its food at the beginning of the summer.

Lucy concluded, somehow, that the dog wanted to be vegan and then began purchasing meat-free dog food, serving it with leftover vegetables.

Unfortunately, when push came to shove and the bright lights of the ITV studio were beating down on its back, Storm resorted to the biological behaviour hardwired deep into its very genes.

Which was a shock to absolutely no-one, to be honest. And Eamonn Holmes just sort of sat there, nodding knowingly like the wise old sage he is, as it immediately put its head down and darted straight to the bowl of meat, with only a disdainful glance towards the veg and eventually, after minutes snout-deep in the meat bowl, a polite sniff of the vegan option.

It then immediately returned to the brown stuff.


In response to watching her pooch’s dietary betrayal live, Lucy said: “She’s obviously going to go… obviously. The little b—-. I didn’t swear”.

Which says it all really.