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11th Jul 2018

We followed Meghan and Harry around Dublin for a day and here’s all the bits you missed

Jade Hayden

meghan harry dublin

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were just in Dublin.

Didn’t you know?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex went to lots of places over the past 24 hours including Áras an Uachtaráin, EPIC museum, and Trinity College.

It was a fairly busy day and here at Her, we were blessed enough to get to follow them around for most of it.

So, here’s all the bits you might have missed from the royal visit from a gal who got up, close, and personal (very, very far away) with Meghan and Harry.

1. Meghan waved to Michael D’s dogs when she was leaving Áras an Uachtaráin

Look, if you’re needing something to brighten up your day today, this is it.

This morning, Meghan and Harry showed up at Michael D’s gaff to meet the man himself and his wife, Sabina.

They had a bit of a wander around the place and as they were leaving, Meghan waved goodbye to the Higgins’… and then proceeded to wave goodbye to their dogs. 

Stunning display.

Michael D’s pups are called Bród and Síoda and they’re absolute giant Bernese mountain dogs.

During the dogs’ very special meeting (tbh, it’s all become about the dogs today, hasn’t it?), the dogs both licked and sniffed at the royals like there was no tomorrow.

For them, there was no protocol. There were no rules.

They did what they wanted to do and they got a wave from the Duchess of Sussex at the end of it.


2. A girl at Trinity College liked how Meghan smelled 

Honestly, we can all probably go ahead and assume that Meghan Markle smells pretty nice. She looks like she would, in fairness.

This info, however, has finally been confirmed by a random girl in Trinity College today who, after meeting the Duchess briefly, exclaimed:

“She smelled nice, and now my hand smells nice too.”

We’d believe her, like.

3. Harry was the tallest man in the world 

When you think of Price Harry, ‘tall’ isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

We tend to think of things like being ginger, Wimbledon, and that meme of him running away while in the army while S Club 7 plays in the background.

Prince Harry, however, is probably the tallest man in the world.

It has been confirmed, we were there, we saw it.

He was taller than Leo Varadkar. He was taller than Michael D. He was taller than Meghan.

He is the tallest man in the entire world and we won’t have anyone say any different.

4. Leo felt he needed 700 water bottles to keep the Royal Highnesses hydrated 

If you haven’t yet seen the photo of Varadkar surrounded by water bottles chatting to Meghan and Harry, please go look at the photo of Varadkar surrounded by water bottles chatting to Meghan and Harry.

Here it is:


We have many questions about this scenario.

The first is why does Leo think the royals are that dehydrated?

The second is how come everyone is sitting on awkward one seater chairs?

The third is does Leo not understand the intensity of our current water shortage and is he going to use a hose pipe to hydrate them instead?

Because there’s a ban on that at the moment.

5. Meghan and Harry went for lunch on Camden Street 

Next to a Spar and a Tolteca, no lie.

If you were trying to get anywhere near Camden Street at any time between 1 and 2pm today, you might have noticed that you couldn’t get anywhere near Camden Street any time between 1 and 2pm today.

That’s because Meghan and Harry were over there having their lunch – in Delahunt, a very nice restaurant that serves food like hake, pork belly, and potato.


Meghan and Harry clearly agreed too because they took some pics with the staff afterwards.

Very casual.

6. A lot of children cried

So many.

Meeting the royals is an emotional occasion. It’s even more emotional if you’re a child, for obvious reasons.

During Meghan and Harry’s visit to Dublin, many children cried. Some of those children were learning to write code at CoderDojo.

They cried when they found out they were going to be meeting the Duke and Duchess. Some of them didn’t know they were going to be meeting the Duke and Duchess until it happened and then they cried after.

There were tears everywhere.

And not all of them were mine from the intense exhaustion of spending 24 hours standing in town.

7. Some other children gave Meghan flowers 

Here’s a pic of it happening feat. a luminous heart around it.