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27th Jan 2017

Kim Kardashian got her nails pierced and we’re a little confused about it

Megan Roantree

Taking piercing to a whole new level.

Kim Kardashain, for better or worse is quite the trend setter.

Whether it’s wearing underwear as a top or clear boots, the reality star never fails to get people talking, and this new trend is no exception.

Kim recently took to Snapchat to display her new dramatic nails, and they are like nothing we’ve seen before. Along with silver metallic nails the 36-year-old’s manicure also featured several piercings.

Yes, really.

Each nail features two piercings with gold rings through them.

The piercing is not a new trend however, as Kim’s younger sister Kylie sported a more subtle version of the look a few years back.

And long before the Kardashians were at it, it was quite the trend among young girls in the 90s.

But we’re sure it will become even more popular now that Kim is displaying it across her social media platforms.

Here’s how other people are sporting the trend.

Does the trend only work on false nails? Does it damage your nails? Will it take off and become a popular trend here in Ireland?

We have so many questions.

Would you ever give it a go?