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22nd Dec 2017

Matchstick nails are the latest beauty trend and we have so many questions

They're definitely...something.

Keeley Ryan

Would you give these a shot?

We’ve seen sprinkle nails, duck foot nails and even wire nails so far this year.

And with just days to go until the end of the year, we didn’t think we’d be seeing anything else that would be as baffling.

That is, until we heard of matchstick nails.

The trailblazer of the newest trend igniting social media is Tony Ly, from Tony’s Nails.

The Texas native has an Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers, where he often shares some more “normal” manis – as well as some totally out of the box ones.

He posted a short video showing off what the look can do on Instagram.

The design features a green nail polish, outlined with some holographic looking gems. And at the very tip of the stiletto nail was four teardrop shaped gemstones, with one of them containing a matchstick.

Yes, you read that right.

The other hand featured a nail with the igniter strip, which you could actually use to light the match.

The other, slightly shorter nail was done in a red-and-white checkered design, with a line of gems along the cuticle to dress it up a little bit.

It does look like it’s a pretty easy design to use. Based off the video, if you want the light the match, you’ve got to just swipe the tip of your nail over the lighter strip until it catches fire.

And once you’re done with the match, you can slip the gemstone off your nail and throw it away.

It seems (more than a bit) terrifying at first – and kind of has us wondering where the nearest fire extinguisher is – but we definitely have to give him credit for creativity.

Based off the comments below the video, his followers also approve of the latest look to ignite their social media feeds.

One Instagram user said:

“I want this during my next fill please.”

Someone else joked:

“Secret level unlocked!!!”

Another fan added:

 “The game has been elevated to another dimension.”

A different person exclaimed:

 “Too freakin CREATIVE!!!!”

But the out-of-the-box idea wasn’t only getting love.

Some social media users were worried about the idea of having an open flame near chemicals that are often found in nail products.

One person commented:

“Who lights fire around acrylic and nail polish? Just dumb.”

While it’s definitely an innovative manicure design, you would want to be super careful about having an open flame near flammable products.

But, if you’re brave (and careful) enough, one things for sure – this would definitely make your manicure game lit.