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02nd Dec 2022

Kate Garraway gives heartbreaking update about Derek’s health

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So awful.

Kate Garraway has shared a new and heartbreaking update regarding her husband Derek’s long health battle.

Derek contracted Covid-19 in March 2020 and was placed in ICU for over a year due to suffering from long Covid which caused damage to his organs.

After being released from hospital in April of 2021, Derek has been getting round the clock care from his home but recently had to return to hospital as his condition declined but is home again now.

Speaking on Lorraine today, Kate admitted that she now feels lonely and isolated when it comes to caring for Derek.

She said: “You know, it is an onslaught – it is a long onslaught. I can see he has better days, he has worse days – he’s thankfully at home now. It’s been a long battle to get him back home again.

“I think it’s very tough on him but it’s very tough on the people around me… And the thing is, when it’s a long battle like with Derek, there’s no end point and it can be exhausting for the people around me too.

“I know sometimes people say ‘oh she’s talking about that again’ but what I’ve learnt is you only really know what it feels like when you’re in it. And now I get contacted by thousands and thousands of people who make me feel less isolated.”

Last month, Kate confirmed her husband Derek Draper is back in hospital.

He had been hospitalised with sepsis, but Kate said he is receiving the best care.

She told The Sun: “Derek is back in hospital after developing sepsis that again threatened his life and we are again fighting to get him home.

“But I remain constantly inspired by those around him – not just for their expertise but for their loving care.

“On his birthday they wrote in a card, ‘We celebrate every day your braveness and strength to keep going through the pain, struggles, and setbacks.'”