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14th Mar 2024

Kate Garraway to share Derek Draper’s final year in new documentary

Kat O'Connor

Kate Garraway said the documentary was her husband’s idea

Kate Garraway is set to release a documentary in tribute to her late husband Derek Draper.

The documentary will feature the final year of her late husband’s life. Kate hopes the documentary will give audiences a real idea of who Derek was.

She explained that she had no idea he would no longer be here when they started working on the documentary last year.

She shared: “Obviously when we started making this documentary early last year, we had no idea the events that would unfold that ultimately took Derek from us. And in January 2024, I wondered if it was right that it should ever come to air.”

Kate said sharing this documentary will be difficult, but she doesn’t want to let her supporters down.

“But I didn’t want to let those who have given us so much support over the last four years down, and the carers paid and unpaid who in their thousands of letters to me, feel Derek’s story has given them a voice.”

Garraway revealed that Derek came up with the idea for this documentary himself.

“I remembered so vividly that the idea of making this third documentary at all came from Derek himself,” she said.

Kate said the documentary will pay tribute to Derek, as well as “a tribute to all of those who fight on to make every second of life count”.

ITV confirmed the documentary will give viewers close access to “Derek and Kate and provides an insight into his personal struggles with illness”.

It will also highlight the challenges faced by millions of people in the UK living with serious illness and disability and those who care for them.

Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story will air later in March.



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