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08th Jan 2024

Derek Draper’s final words to his children have been shared

Kat O'Connor

Derek Draper

Derek Draper sadly passed away last week

Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper died last week, leaving behind his beloved wife and their two children.

The 56-year-old suffered a major heart attack before Christmas but had suffered multiple health issues before he was hospitalised.

Derek had two children, 14-year-old Billy, and 17-year-old Darcey, with Kate Garraway.

Before his passing, he encouraged his children to do one thing for him – to look after their mum.

According to The Mirror, the dad said: “Look after mum [Kate],” he told them before he was taken to hospital. “You’re the best children anybody could ever have asked for. Look after Mum, be good for her.”

Kate announced her husband’s tragic passing on January 5th.

The presenter said her husband suffered a cardiac arrest in early December and sadly passed away in hospital this month.

“I’m sad to have to tell you all that my darling husband Derek has passed away,” Kate wrote on Instagram.

“As some of you may know he has been critically ill following a cardiac arrest in early December which, because of the damage inflicted by Covid in March 2020, led to further complications,” Kate wrote.

Derek passed away surrounded by his loving family.

Kate said she never left her dear husband’s side in his final days.

“I was by his side holding his hand throughout the last long hours and when he passed,” she wrote.

She has praised the medical teams that have cared for Derek over the last few years. Her husband has been suffering from multiple health problems since he contracted Covid-19 in 2020, but healthcare workers never gave up on him.

“I just want to thank all the medical teams who fought so hard to save him and to make his final moments as comfortable and dignified as possible.

“Sending so much love and thanks to all of you who have so generously given our family so much support. Rest gently and peacefully now Derek, my love, I was so lucky to have you in my life,” Kate added.