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09th Mar 2024

‘Dinner and a chop’ – the Bob trend continues as Gigi Hadid debuts stunning short do

Sophie Collins

Gigi Hadid Bob

The bob trend is going nowhere anytime soon

Gigi Hadid, renowned supermodel, has bid farewell to her iconic long hair as she unveiled a chic chin-grazing bob in an Instagram reveal on Friday.

Sharing the transformation with her followers, Hadid captioned a video documenting her haircut journey with the phrase “Dinner and a chop”.

The video, featuring celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan, showcased Hadid’s waist-length blonde waves being snipped just below the nape of her neck, showing piles of her signature locks on the floor.

As the camera captured the final moments of her haircut, Gigi confidently flaunted her new look in front of the mirror, wearing only a black bra and matching underwear. 

With her blonde hair slicked back and full of texture, the new bob effortlessly framed her makeup-free face, exuding a fresh and modern vibe – one lots of people are raring to try this summer.

On McMillan’s Instagram page, Hadid’s freshly styled bob was revealed in a series of sun-kissed snapshots, with fans flocking to the comments to compliment the 28-year-old.

In one image, she showed off air-dried waves with a middle part and flipped-out ends, complementing her look with a neon yellow bikini top layered underneath a cream jumper with seashell necklaces. 

Another photo captured Hadid in a grey knit polo top, highlighting her new short hair.

Hadid’s bold haircut transformation marks a departure from her signature long locks, embracing a sleek and sophisticated bob that perfectly complements her natural beauty. 

Hadid’s latest hair makeover will serve as inspiration for many of us seeking a fresh change ahead of the summer season.