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01st Apr 2024

Georgia Steel left ‘shocked and afraid’ after onslaught of death threats

Sophie Collins

Georgia Steel

“I felt like everyone hated me”

Reality TV star, Georgia Steel has opened up about the distressing experience of receiving death threats aimed at her family and friends while she on Love Island: All Stars.

The 26-year-old, known for her appearance on the fourth series of the popular ITV dating show in 2018, is no stranger to public controversy.

Georgia returned for the All Stars edition of the show in January, where she finished fourth alongside islander Toby Aromolaran.

During her stint on the show, Steel’s Instagram account posted a statement detailing the alarming nature of the threats and hateful messages directed at her.

Reflecting on the online harassment in an interview with Sky News, Steel said she was shocked and afraid, and that: “I don’t think anyone can kind of prepare you for that. 

“You don’t really know how to process that if I’m honest, you’re quite scared, you don’t know if the whole world hates you.”

Recalling the impact on her mental well-being, Georgia confessed: “I felt like everyone hated me.”

The situation took an even darker turn as Steel revealed the extent of the threats aimed at her loved ones, particularly her family. 

“My family and my friends, they had death threats,” she revealed, adding that her mum received messages questioning her parenting skills.

Speaking out against cyberbullying, Steel emphasised that she wants to make her supporters proud and urged trolls to consider the consequences of their hurtful actions. 

“Would you really say it to their face? And also would you be happy if the consequences were really bad? It could just take that one comment that tips someone over the edge,” she stated.

Steel’s time on Love Island: All Stars was not without controversy, as she faced criticism following the airing of clips showing her interactions with various contestants during the PDA Awards.

Responding to the backlash, an ITV spokesperson reiterated the importance of kindness in online conversations about the show’s contestants.

Confirming recent speculation, Steel also announced last week that her relationship with Toby Aromolaran had ended, marking a new chapter for the reality star in the wake of her Love Island journey.