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28th Mar 2024

Your coffee intake is influenced by your work bestie

Jody Coffey


Coffee breaks and work go hand-in-hand

Coffee plays a much bigger role in our lives than we may realise.

Whether it’s home-brewed or café-bought, from the moment we wake, our thoughts are firmly on our first caffeine fix before a busy day at the office.

The working week would not be complete (or possible) without coffee breaks, which makes the findings of a new study less than surprising.

Connect Vending ran an experiment to gauge the overall impact that coffee has on staff mood and culture.

It turns out your work bestie may be influencing how much coffee you drink during the week as there’s a 90% chance that your coffee habits will ‘sync up’ with one another.

The experiment saw 30 participants rate certain factors about their job before and after five working days where they were unable to take their usual coffee breaks with their ‘work bestie’. 

Credit: Getty

After a week without coffee breaks with their work bestie, 94 per cent of participants found that they were having less fun in the office.

More shockingly, 70 per cent said they would be more likely to quit their role if this was a permanent reality. 

People also took fewer coffee breaks due to the absence of their work bestie during the experiment. 

Speaking on the findings, Elyas Coutts, Chief Executive Officer at Connect Vending says that coffee breaks can ‘do wonders’ for our energy, and not just because of the caffeine.

“Our data goes to show that it’s not just the caffeine that gives us the boost we need during the working day, but it’s the act of taking coffee breaks which improves job satisfaction and productivity.

“Not only that, but having coffee breaks with your favourite colleague is also proven to help build staff relationships.”

The study also determined that for staff newcomers, caffeine breaks play a pivotal role in connecting and getting to know your team.

The findings stated that if a new team member offered their colleagues a drink, there was an 80 per cent chance of compatibility.

If the seasoned staff members offered the newcomer a hot beverage, there was a 77 per cent chance of compatibility.