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29th Feb 2024

Molly-Mae shares exciting update ahead of her wedding to Tommy Fury

Kat O'Connor

Molly-Mae is set to marry Love Island co-star Tommy Fury

Molly-Mae is in the midst of preparing for her wedding to Tommy Fury, but the reality star is keeping one surprising element for her big day.

The days of getting married in a church are no longer as popular as they once were. People are opting for humanist ceremonies rather than a religious service, but it looks like Molly is keeping it traditional.

The mum explained that she’s in the middle of looking for a church for her wedding day.

She confirmed that she and Tommy Fury really want to get married in the UK rather than jetting abroad.

So many celebrities get married in lavish locations around the world, but Molly-Mae is staying local.

She said: “We’re currently in the talks of looking for a church to get married at because we do want to get married in the UK in a traditional Catholic Church.”

Molly asked her followers to help her out with the search and even invited them to suggest possible venues.

The influencer has two possible locations in mind when it comes to her big day – London and Cheshire.

“If anyone knows any beautiful churches, Catholic churches in Cheshire because I think we want to do Cheshire because that’s where we live obviously, or maybe London as well.”

Molly-Mae explained that they’ll be getting married in a church because the boxer is religious.

When will Molly and Tommy get married?

The mum said she likely won’t tie the knot until 2025 because her sister is actually getting married this year.

She told her YouTube followers: “My sister is getting married next year so I want to let her have her moment. It might be the year after hers.

“I had visions of just running off to a little chapel to do it. We’re not in any rush,” the reality star admitted.