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28th Mar 2024

The top questions every person should ask in a job interview

Jody Coffey

Best of luck!

Depending on your attitude, confidence, and experience, a job interview can be an exciting opportunity or one that fills you with dread.

Before we perform in a ‘job audition’, we mull over the possible questions that could arise and practice our answers, hoping they’ll convince a potential employer that we’re a good fit for the role.

However, it’s always good to have a few questions of your own in your back pocket, not just to seem interested or engaging, but because a job interview is a two-way street, and they should equally be hoping to impress their potential employee.

We spoke to Angela Burke, a Career Consultant, who is passionate about helping people navigate their work and career with clarity, confidence, and personal alignment.

She says that, while the employee makes the final decision, people often forget that taking a job is a decision for both parties, and the interviewee should decide if a job is right for them before taking it.

When asking these questions, being authentic is key.

“In order to make an informed decision, they need to ask questions that help them figure this out.

“I usually encourage people to ask what you actually want to know, rather than making up questions for the sake of it,” Angela tells

Credit: Angela Burke

When going for an interview, the career consultant urges people to be clear on what they want from this career move and build questions around that.

For example, if career progression is important to you, Angela suggests asking the interviewer: ‘What does the career trajectory look like in this company?’ and ‘What have previous team members gone on to do here?’

Whether the answer is satisfactory or not, you have your answer and can make an informed decision before accepting the role.

If you are anxious about the role’s duties and whether they’re capable of doing the job, she recommends asking a question that will help you address it.

This can sound like: ‘What does success look like for this role in the first six months?’ or ‘What needs to be achieved in the first six months?’

These questions will likely lead to an answer that will give you an idea of their expectations, giving you the chance to decide if it’s doable for you.

If you require a hands-on and supportive manager to work efficiently, ask what the support team looks like. However, Angela reminds us that managers can move on, so going into the role knowing they may not be a permanent fixture of your workday is key.

Lastly, the career consultant says she has one question that she always encourages people to ask before their interview ends.

“Before we finish up, is there anything on your mind about my fit for the role? Are there any questions or concerns you’d like to chat about?”

“This gives them an opportunity to address it with you rather than simply writing you off due to doubt,” she adds.

Angela will be appearing at the annual WellFest this year.

Now in its ninth year, WellFest is Europe’s largest outdoor health, fitness, and wellness festival returns to Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, on the weekend of 11th and 12th May 2024.

At the festival, Angela will be addressing a very common career concern that people present to me every day through her Instagram messages.

“It’s going to be so powerful for people! I have seen firsthand the changes people have experienced to their career satisfaction upon completing my workshops, so to be able to support so many people through my Wellfest talk is a huge honour and something I’m so excited for.”