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10th Jan 2024

‘He’s Irish!’ – Barry Keoghan fans erupt over UK magazine introducing actor as British

Jody Coffey

Barry Keoghan

Barry Keoghan is the man of the moment

Over the last number of years, Barry Keoghan has become a source of pride and joy for Ireland.

The Dublin-born actor has solidified himself among Hollywood legends for his incredible talent and stand-out performances on-screen.

Barry is now even more of a global sensation following his bewildering and memorable portrayal of Oliver Quick in ‘Saltburn’.

On this scale of fame and acclaim, magazine covers with in-depth articles are inevitable.

However, when the British magazine, GQ, introduced the star as “one of our most exciting actors” online, naturally Irish X (formerly) Twitter erupted.

Since the post uploaded to the platform yesterday, “He’s Irish” has been trending on X.

“Reading the replies after yet another Irish actor is claimed by the Brits”

Despite the huge career achievement of appearing as the first 2024 cover of the magazine, many users took issue with Barry’s introduction.

“Barry Keogan is Irish not British please correct this,” one user wrote.

“Not one of yours hun! He’s a proud Irish man,” another posted.

“You’re aware that he’s Irish, aren’t you? Or by “ours”, do you mean The World’s?” a third quipped.

“Didn’t realise dublin was now part of Britain……..” another user wrote.

“Someone Irish is not ‘one of your’s’. Even when he’s famous, accomplished, & you really, really wish he was – he’s still not one of your’s,” one chimed in.

Following the influx of replies to the post, Community Notes, a space for eligible users to keep readers informed, has added context to clarify the comments.

“Readers added context they thought people might want to know” it states, adding “Barry Keoghan is Irish” with a link to the actor’s Wikipedia page.

Within the GQ article, the 31-year-old reflected on his life growing up in Ireland.

Alex Pappademas writes of the incredible journey that the actor has been on so far while going back to where it all began: Dublin.

While Barry’s life now is filled with nominations for prestigious awards, glamorous events, and an impressive circle of famous friends, it wasn’t always that way.

The actor grew up in the centre of Dublin without a father and sadly lost his mum, Debbie, to a heroin overdose when he was 12.

He bounced around the foster care system for several years with his brother until he eventually moved in with his grandmother.

“It’s crazy when I think of it,” Keoghan told the Pappademas.

“I was saying to my friend last night – I was just looking out at the [Hollywood] sign and, y’know, I wanted this as a kid. I dunno why I wanted it, but I wanted it.

“It brings back memories, in a weird way – it’s hard to have memories of a place you’ve not been in, but I watched all those old movies, and was fascinated by Old Hollywood. This was stuff I dreamed of, as a kid.”

The Dublin native made reference to some of the social and economic issues happening in the capital, but didn’t expand on the topic.

“Dublin 1, we call it – the postcode is 1. It’s proper inner city. It’s the heart, man. And y’know, every inner city has its problems and faces its battles. Everyone’s kind of going through the same stuff there.

“This [LA] is such a contrast to where I come from. I mean, this is such a contrast to where anyone comes from. It’s not real.

“This is not real, is it? It can’t be real. I’m gonna wake up right now. In a second, I’ll be like, ‘F*ck, man – that was some dream.’ ”