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10th Jan 2024

Travis Scott claims Kylie Jenner is trying to get back at him by packing on the PDA

Anna Martin

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, Timothée Chalamet

Travis Scott seems to be the jealous type

Travis Scott is reportedly “agitated” by his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner for packing on the PDA with Timothée Chalamet at the Golden Globes.

Kylie and the ‘Wonka’ star looked like two love-sick teens at the award show as they were caught on camera holding hands and kissing.

According to MailOnline, Travis actively tries to avoid seeing the mother of his two children to protect his feelings.

travis scott
Credit: Getty

The insider said: “Travis is agitated anytime he sees Kylie with him. His feelings about them together are known already and he has addressed it in his music. 

“He doesn’t like to see them together and he does his best to avoid it even though he could not avoid it today,” they said.

“Travis believes she downgraded. Of course, he thinks that she is trying to get to him.

“He knows he and Kylie are done for good and does not want to be around the two of them together. He is actively involved with his kids and always will be there for them.

“He has moved on too though and has no shortage of women to choose from,” they said.

Instead of dwelling on what his ex is up to, the source said that Travis is now focusing on his upcoming album, ‘Jackboyz 2’, and is trying to “block out all the other noise.”

News of Kylie and Travis’ split broke in January 2023, just months before she reportedly started dating Timothée.

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, Timothée Chalamet
Credit: Getty

Though Travis has claimed he doesn’t want to focus on the reality star and her boyfriend, he has not shied away from making his apparent disdain for the new relationship public.

The rapper appeared to diss Timothee in his track ‘Meltdown’ which was released back in July.

In an apparent dig at the actor’s latest project ‘Wonka,’ Travis raps, “Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs, got the Willy Wonka factory / Burn a athlete like it’s calories, find another flame hot as me.”