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22nd Feb 2024

‘I’ve seen him grow’ – Barry Keoghan’s words about his son Brando prove the haters wrong

Kat O'Connor

Barry Keoghan is proving the haters wrong

Irish actor Barry Keoghan has silenced anyone who doubted him as a parent.

The Saltburn actor welcomed a baby boy with his ex-girlfriend Alyson Kierans, but the pair ended their relationship in 2023.

The public was quick to comment on their relationship and doubted whether Keoghan could co-parent successfully whilst balancing his career.

They slated the couple for ending their relationship but the end of their romance never stopped Brando from having two loving parents.

They may not be together, but it looks like they’re thriving if his latest interview is anything to go by.

Being a dad is Barry Keoghan’s best role to date

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the actor said being a dad is his best role to date.

Keoghan explained that being around his son Brando, who was born in August 2022, is “amazing”.

“I’ve seen him two days ago, and I spent some really good quality time with him. I’ve seen him grow. He’s amazing,” he told the publication.

The dad explained that he is already starting to see “little characteristics coming through” and said it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

“It’s a new territory for me, and I want to be the best person for him,” he said.

“It’s a very important thing for me—for him to be able to grow up and be proud of his daddy, and to lean on his daddy.”

Keoghan, who had a difficult childhood himself, wants to ensure his son is always supported, no matter what.

“If he has questions or anything, I’m always there for him in that sense of learning and growing with him and failing.”

Keoghan has not only proved to be an incredible actor (and dancer) but he’s also shut down any naysayers who believe a child can only have a good upbringing if their parents are still together. His moving words about fatherhood and the pride he has in Brando say it all.



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