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29th Dec 2023

Anna Geary marks first Christmas without her beloved brother

Kat O'Connor

Anna Geary sadly lost her brother after a short illness

Presenter, Anna Geary has penned a moving post after marking her first Christmas without her brother.

Anna sadly lost her beloved brother Thomas in November.

The 34-year-old died following a short illness at University Hospital Limerick, leaving Anna and her loved ones completely heartbroken.

Suffering such a tragic loss so close to Christmas is something we can’t even begin to imagine.

Anna recently opened up about her first Christmas without her beloved brother, but told her followers that you don’t “need to explain yourself”.

People deal with grief in their own ways. Some may find comfort in Christmas, but others won’t be able to face the holiday season.

Everyone dealing with a loss has their own way of coping, including Anna.

She recently penned a moving post on Instagram about those who may be struggling this winter.

She told her followers that you don’t need to explain yourself if you’re finding the holidays difficult.

“Just remember, it’s okay if you aren’t feeling Christmas this year. Your heart might be heavy… maybe it’s grief, or upset about what’s going on in the world. Maybe it’s a worry about a family member, or about money.

“You don’t need to explain yourself, just find ways to make it through,” she said.

She encouraged others in this situation to find little pockets of joy.

She also advised her followers to find someone to lean on during the harder times.

“If it’s getting too much confide in one person. I try to find little pockets of joy in the day. A walk in the fresh air, a hot shower, a fresh coffee.”

It doesn’t matter what it is, but finding little ways to cope and get through this time of year is essential.

We couldn’t agree with Anna more. Sometimes the little joys are the only things that can get you from day to day. They may not feel like a lot, but you can always rely on them to keep your head up.