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01st Mar 2024

Three signs you should choose an audiobook over written text

Jody Coffey


Books will always have a special place in my heart, but audiobooks fit into my life better right now

I first leaned into an audiobook in January, after a lot of resistance; I was adamant I was a traditional ‘reader’, which sometimes, I can be if the book is good enough.

However, I found myself having less time for the hobby and simultaneously felt guilty that I wasn’t doing any reading.

In the end, I gave in and tried listening to books.

After six weeks, I’m five books down – four audiobooks and one hand-held book.

There is no way I would have reached this record without the help of audio because being able to listen on the go or lying with your eyes closed has been a game-changer.

It has forced me to question the reasons why reading text has become more difficult.

You don’t have time

What would normally be a strain to dedicate time to after the workday has become a welcomed ritual.

Cooking? Audiobook. Cleaning? Audiobook. Commuting? Audiobook.

Chores become more therapeutic during a good audio story.

I can get the required amount of preparation and admin done whilst also ‘reading’ an audiobook.

No compromise.

If you find that you just can’t spare the time to sit down and tuck into a book, audiobooks are your best bet.

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You’re easily distracted

Another reason I gave in to audiobooks was that I was finding it increasingly hard to stay on track with the text.

Every now and again, I was forced to re-read sections where I didn’t absorb the text because I was distracted or daydreaming when reading the first time.

This can be the case no matter how engaging or brilliant a story is.

With audiobooks, when you lose your train of thought, it’s less of a burden because you simply just listen to what you missed after hitting a quick 30-sec rewind.

It’s much easier for me and I don’t get fed up as quick.

People with ADHD also often do better with audiobooks because they provide a stimulating, hands-free alternative to paper books. 

According to Speechify, audiobooks help to get reading in and satisfy the desire for new information, ideas, and stories.

If you find you’re prone to restlessness, audiobooks are a great alternative to stories without being stuck in one place, trying to sit still and read them.

You lose interest quickly

If you love the feeling of finishing a story, but don’t love the process of getting there, it may be time to consider audiobooks.

Some books lose you because of a poor plot, while other times it’s because our attention spans are getting smaller and smaller.

In an audiobook, it’s more aligned with the way we consume content in the digital age.

Not to say paperback books are out, but with phones and smart technology, we are accustomed to listening through headphones and being on-the-go as we receive updates, news, and information.

Audiobooks, for me, are more gripping and I can visual the storyline better than I do with text.