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31st Jan 2024

‘The Idea of You’ is being made into a rom-com with Anne Hathaway

Kat O'Connor

Anne Hathaway is set to star in a very controversial book-to-screen adaption

Anne Hathaway is returning to the rom-com world but her upcoming project may be familiar if you’re a big reader.

The actress is set to star in the movie adaption of ‘The Idea of You’ and we cannot wait for it.

‘The Idea of You’ was published in 2017, but is set to hit the big screen later this year.

Michael Showalter is bringing the story to life on screen and it is in very safe hands.

The actor has worked on many well-known hits, including ‘Hello, My Name is Doris’ and ‘The Big Sick’.

The movie is currently getting a lot of buzz as it is set to close out the SXSW Film and TV Festival.

Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway have been cast as the leads so we know it’s going to be a hit.

If you’ve not yet read the book then you need to treat yourself to a copy from your local bookshop.

‘The Idea of You’ follows single-mum Solène Marchand, who is forced to take her daughter Isabelle to see her favourite band.

The mum is reluctant to take the trip, but she wants to impress her daughter to strengthen their relationship.

Their trip takes a surprising turn when she forms a connection with one of the band members, August Moon.

August is only 20, but the pair develop a relationship that takes them all around the globe on his world tour.

With Anne Hathaway leading the film, there’s no doubt it’s going to be a huge success.

We’re already counting down the days to the films release in May.