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20th Feb 2024

Paul Mescal romantically linked to Florence Pugh

Kat O'Connor

Paul Mescal and Florence Pugh have been friends for some time

All Paul Mescal needs to do is look at an actress and he will be linked to her immediately.

Insiders are now claiming that the actor has sparked a romance with Little Women actress Florence Pugh.

But are the pair really more than friends?

They were spotted partying together following the BAFTAs but Mescal and Pugh have been friends for years.

They run in the same circles in Hollywood, which makes sense as both of them rose to fame around the same time, but could they be taking a new step in their relationship?

According to MailOnline, the pair were spotted on a dinner date in New York recently, but neither of their representatives have commented on the speculation.

An insider told The Sun that they’ve been good friends for quite some time.

They shared, “Florence and Paul move in the same circles and have been mates for some time.”

“If their friendship moved into something more romantic no one would be surprised,” they added.

Florence Pugh broke up with her partner Charlie Gooch in October. She was also previously linked to fellow actor Zach Braff.

Mescal was in a relationship with singer Phoebe Bridgers for two years before they ended their relationship in 2022.

The Guardian alleged that the pair were engaged just one month before they called it quits on their romance.

Pugh and Mescal were likely just spotted at the same party together, but there’s no doubt they’d be one of the coolest couples in Hollywood if they did get together.