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04th Jan 2018

Yes! MAC is bringing back one of its most popular discontinued products

Best news EVER.

This has just made our day.

Our all-time favourite makeup brand has just announced that it’s bringing back a fan favourite.

Yes, we are pretty excited to hear that the eyeshadow Uninterrupted is coming back for good this time.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Global Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics, Dominic Skinner said: “I am too #Excited for this to come back!!”

He continued by telling fans that three more eyeshadows and some vintage lipstick shades will too be making a reappearance in the next couple of weeks… AGH.

This news comes just a week after the MAC Gods told us that mini versions of our favourite lipsticks including Velvet Teddy would be coming on sale for €10 a pop.


We may be attempting a dry January but TBH it’s just giving us more money to spoil ourselves on some much needed makeup.

We are all for this!