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12th Jun 2019

Weird flex? Love Island has released a makeup range and we’re confused but intrigued

I don't know what to make of this.

Denise Curtin

Milk it for what it’s worth, I suppose.

The Love Island bottles with your name on them are trademark merch, right. You see them on the show, they’re personalised and they’re handy, grand.

The Love Island £55 suitcases and £45 sunglasses are a bit much. Unnecessary gimmicky spends and truthfully, a little tacky.

But now, Love Island is adding a new addition to its official Love Island “store” by launching a 7 product makeup collection titled Loveburst by Love Island.

The collection features lip balm, lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadow cream, bronzer, and highlighter.

All the products have a Love Islandy look about them featuring heart motifs and the show logo.

Being completely honest, the products have a slightly cheap look seeing as they set you back between £13 – £25 a pop. They’re also quite a random choice of bits from a lip balm to a kiddie looking lip duo, they’re not necessarily the hero products we’d be choosing for a 7 product range.

Nevertheless, they are made by Established, the crew behind Fenty Beauty and so, we’re sure the quality is up to par. Another notable factor is that they’re cruelty-free which again is something we like to see.

However, it’s hard to be all for Loveburst and they’re not so cheap products when there’s a “souvenir” stench off the brand.

Will they prove to be more than just a smart marketing range? We’re sure reviews will tell.

You can shop Loveburst here.