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28th Aug 2018

Want your eyebrows to look like they’re microbladed? Then you NEED this product

For a fraction of the price? Yes please.

Let’s face it, microblading is expensive and often, quite tedious.

But do you know what isn’t?

Makeup guru Kat Von D’s latest eyebrow collection gives the illusion of added hair to your brows in a 3D style effect, genius!

In this set of products titled KVDBrow, Kat released a Brow Struck Dimension Powder and a stiletto-tipped powder brush.  The reflective powder creates the illusion of real hair while the brow pencil shapes and angles your brows giving you that desired full yet manicured brow.

Oh, and did we also mention the products are waterproof? Meaning no smudges or drips when you get hit with a shower of rain during festival season or running to the chipper after a night out. Success.

Ireland was one of the first countries that got this product launching here earlier this summer (even before the US and Canada too).

Lucky us.

You can check out Kat Von D’s full collection here.