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19th Apr 2018

‘Unicorn Snot’ is the sun cream that proves the glitter trend has gone too far

Have you got your SPF on today?

Lads, there’s no other way of saying it, the weather is just mighty and no doubt you’ve got the text from your mam to layer up on the sun cream so as not to look like a sundried tomato come the weekend.

Well, we doubt you had this glitter sun cream to hand and we can’t imagine we’ll be investing either.

The glitter trend has only grown over the last number of years, with every product known to man getting a sparking reincarnation.

However, this latest product has taken it a step too far.

‘Unicorn Snot’ is a glitter SPF that promises to have you “glistening in glitter”.

“Highlight your inner unicorn with a one-of-a-kind sunscreen that keeps that gorgeous skin protected with a lightweight sparkle,” reads the product description on Always Fits.

The sun cream comes in three different colours and provides a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 coverage.

The product is priced at $24.50 per bottle and is due to launch in June.

However, demand for the ‘Unicorn Snot’ is so high, that pre-order bottles have already sold out.

We can’t explain it.