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30th Jan 2021

Tried and tested: Can Nuxe tinted face cream really cover my under eye bags?

Is it too good to be true?

Since my twenties I’ve had a lot of trouble with trying to cover up dark circles under my eyes.

The skin under my eyes is very transclucent so even if I’m well rested I still wake up with bags under my eyes.

Because of this my make up bag is mostly made up of concealers and CC creams and some have worked and others, not so much.

With make up I find it’s usually a game of trial and error and most recently I’ve been trialing Nuxe’s Bio Organic white tea perfection cream to see if it can help me out.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as its dark green bottle doesn’t suggest how tinted the product is.

The Nuxe tinted cream comes in fair and medium (I’m unsure if there are other shades as they were the only two I could find online) and looks more like a foundation than a moisturiser when you pump it out.

I applied it to my face like other CC creams I’ve used in the past, making sure to cover my under eye area.

The below photo shows what it looks like when applied to one half of my face with the other side completely natural.

When I was first applying it I wasn’t sure if it was the right shade for me as it was quite warm, on applying it under my eye I noticed an immediate difference as the orange tone in the cream cancelled out the purple tones under my eye.

As well as that you can also see that I have some dryness on the side of my face that is bare while the other side is a lot more moisturised.

This photo is with the Nuxe tinted cream applied to my whole face and I really do feel like it makes me look much more awake.

I will admit that it is quite subtle and this product is definitely more for someone that wants a light coverage option rather than a full coverage foundation.

It is also a little pricier than some other similar colour correction products but Look Fantastic seem to have it at the best price at €32.95.

Overall I really liked it and would use it again. It covered the purple under my eyes and gave me some light blemish coverage too.

If you’re looking for something like a CC cream it will definitely do the job but if you’re looking for a new foundation this is probably going to be way too light.