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08th Apr 2022

Tinker Bell bangs: the cute fringe style Megan Fox is sporting

Yes, they are as cute as they sound.

When Walt Disney brought Peter Pan’s spritely companion Tinker Bell to life in his 1953 animated film, he probably didn’t expect her to be a beauty icon almost 70 years later.

And yet, it appears a fringe haircut – Tinker Bell bangs – is now a trending style, and we may have Megan Fox to thank for its surge in popularity.

Earlier this week, the film star took to Instagram to show off her new bangs, and they are strikingly similar to the fictional fairy’s fringe.

In a post on her grid, she sports a full fringe, but they’re carefully asymmetrically layered and split just above her eyebrows. They then get longer and frame her face.

To complete the full Tinker Bell look, Megan piled her hair into a bun on top of her hair.

Her hairstylist, Dimirtis Giannetos, shared the look onto his own Instagram page, and, needless to say, many fans were inspired.

One wrote: “As if Megan couldn’t get more gorgeous!”

Another demanded a clip-in version of the bangs.

A third wrote: “Frames her amazing eyes beautifully.”

Indeed, Tinker Bell bangs are now trending on Instagram, but Megan is far from the only celebrity to popularise a new fringe trend.

Not too long ago, for instance, Margot Robbie took to the red carpet rocking some bottleneck bangs. These front bangs are short in the middle and become increasingly longer as they frame the face and mirror the shape of, well, a bottleneck.

And, if you were looking to switch up your hair with a blast from the past, then you’re in excellent company as a rake of celebrities are popularising the 00’s side fringe. Pop sensation Ariana Grande has been showing off her side fringe while promoting her perfume, while Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has also been papped with a side fringe. Icon behaviour, all round.