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10th Jan 2018

Time to stock up – Lush releases their Valentine’s collection

Because you're worth it.

Love is in the air.

Well, it will be come February 14.

All thanks to the 23 gorge new products that Lush is after dropping today.

From bath bombs, to oils and gift packages, we seriously need these products ASAP as we count down to the “most romantic day of the year”.

Unicorn Horn bath bomb 

Kiss Me Quick bath bomb 

Tender Is The Night bath bomb 

Love Hearts

Lots Of Love 

Lush is also selling a deliciously scented range of massage bars and oils for that special night when your other half has no choice but to pamper you. *Wink* send them this list – these are our faves!

Pearl massage bar

Full Of Grace serum bar 

Exhale oil 

You can check out the whole list of 23 products on their website here!