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09th Feb 2024

Netflix & Chill: Five must-watch romance films for Valentine’s weekend

Jody Coffey


Happy love day!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may want to get the romance underway this weekend.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, which, let’s be real, isn’t the most heart racing of days.

So, why not bring the day forward and make it a weekend by watching some great love stories?

To help, we’ve narrowed down your movie search for you and complied some of the highly-rated romance flicks that are sure to sweeten your weekend.

Crazy, Stupid, Love – IMDb 7.4

A beautiful and funny film that reminds us that we are all deserving of love, without having to fundamentally change who we are (e.g. how we dress, what we like).

Crazy, Stupid, Love explores themes of love (duh), self-discovery, and the complexities of relationships.

Doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling is in this flick either, just saying.

Credit: IMDb

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – IMDb 7.0

This teen rom-com delves into the pain, confusion, excitement, and relatability that can only come with falling in love for the first time.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a charming film about learning who you are and the importance of staying true to that in a relationship.

A perfect watch for Valentine’s for lovers of all ages, especially when there are younger audience members around.

Credit: IMDb

Pretty Woman – IMDb 7.1

This romantic classic if one for the ages. Two unlikely strangers find deep and profound love that defies class differences.

Pretty Woman is a feel-good film that is an iconic part of pop culture.

This is a fun one to watch with the girls as Julia Roberts’ character, Vivienne, is a queen who knows her worth (“Big mistake, huuuge”).

P.S. I Love You – IMDb 7.0

Forewarning: have tissues at the ready.

This is a very emotional watch, that deals with themes of grief and love and will make you hold your loved one a little closer.

However, P.S. I Love You also delves into the journey of healing that comes with heartbreak and is sure to make you laugh and cry (sometimes at the same time).

Credit: IMDb

Love & Other Drugs – IMDb 6.7

I personally think the IMDb score for Love & Other Drugs isn’t high enough, but here we are.

This film navigates how illness can impact a relationship, as well as the vulnerability and acceptance that comes with true love.

This is a beautiful film about human connection (again, tissues at the ready).

Credit: IMDb