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09th Apr 2022

This TikTok trend is all about natural beauty and we’re here for it

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Things we love to see – this.

TikTok is full of hundreds and thousands of trends, and when it comes to those that use filters, a lot of the time they can be damaging to our self esteem.

The latest trend using a make up filter is doing the rounds, and it’s a lot more empowering than you might have thought when initially hearing about it.

So what is this trend? Taking to the app, a user films a video of themselves with the “enhance” filter on, which adds really long lashes and a heavy flicked eyeliner effect to their face.

Known on the video sharing app as the “my taste in music is your face trend”, it’s named that as the song used is Tear in My Heart by twenty one pilots and when it says those lyrics, the user takes off the filter and shows what their actual face looks like without make up, and even Ashley Tisdale got involved

@ashleytisdaleI love a no makeup trend

♬ Tear in My Heart – twenty one pilots

Many people on the app who have taken part in this trend are deeming it as one of the healthiest trends on the internet, saying that it boosts your self esteem and mental health, and showing that natural beauty is always better than a filter.

One user, Meg DeAngelis said: “i don’t think i’ve ever turned off enhance before this. no this trend is so healthy.”

Another user said: “More trends like this please.”

@lianajadeeI love this trend♬ Tear in My Heart – twenty one pilots

A third added: “Everyone look the same with the filter so seeing someone with their natural face is oddly nice.”

As TikTok is gradually becoming a more accepting and positive platform, body positivity seems to be something users are really striving for.

Like this filter trend, the “sharing my actual weight” did something similar, showing how different body shapes can carry the same amount of weight.

Social media and TikTok has always been criticised for creating impossible beauty standards, especially for women, and so many have praised these trends for breaking away from that stigma. And honestly, we can’t say a bad thing about them either.