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16th Oct 2018

Throw away those styling tools – Dyson’s Airwrap Styler has finally hit shelves!

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Arnotts. 

If there’s one thing we LONG to perfect – it’s our hair.

Alas — very few humans are born with a most glorious mane. So that’s why those genius aerodynamicists at Dyson have spent SIX YEARS developing the most divine hair styling wand ever — the Dyson Airwrap Styler — and it’s available at Arnotts. It also cost Dyson a cool €27.4 million (£24 million) in research, so yeah, we think it must be good!

Feel free to throw away your drawers full of brushes and hairdryers as you’ll only ever need ONE product to fulfil your hairdo dreams from now on. Tamed, silky, bouncy, full hair, big curls, tight curls — you name it — this beauty can do it, and you can find it at Arnotts from October 18. Arnotts are even hosting a Dyson Airwrap Styler launch this Thursday, at 6.30pm in celebration of the product’s launch! It’s free, you could WIN yourself the all-new styler (Oh. My. God.) and you can expect refreshments plus lots of goodie bags too! Don’t forget to grab a ticket!


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Watch what Dyson are calling the ‘Coanda Effect’ right here. It gently pulls hair towards the barrel wrapping it around the ceramic plates to create the look you want to achieve, all without any damage.

The best part about the product itself though, is that the Dyson Airwrap Styler will never damage your hair as it doesn’t rely on heat, but air instead. It comes with all the attachments you could possibly need to achieve your preferred look, including plenty of tools like the 30mm Airwrap barrel, 40mm Airwrap barrel, a firm smoothing brush, a soft smoothing brush, a round volumising brush, and a pre-styling dryer. That last one is for drying those locks before you dive into styling.

No matter what your hair type, the perfect solution to your hair’s needs is in this little camel colour case. All you need to do is let the high speed jet of air (how very Dyson of them) do its thing. You’ll just need to hold your hair near the device and TAH-DAH! You’ll achieve your perfect look and with no knots or tangles.

Brought to you by Dyson at Arnotts.

Dyson are launching a new hair styler Dyson Airwrap™. This will launch in Arnotts on the 18th of October. The Dyson Airwrap™ styler completely resets the world of hair styling, cementing Dyson’s position as the most important innovator in the hair care sector, and Arnotts as a key retailer in the beauty industry for the latest products and trends.