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18th Nov 2019

This is the unreal €50 palette that Bella Hadid swears by (and we adore it)

bella hadid

Because who doesn’t want to look like a model?

Have you ever wondered why Bella Hadid glows like an actual angel?

Listen, good genes help, but makeup is probably the real reason for success here.

No, I’m not saying Bella Hadid needs makeup (far from it), but she gets a little glowing hand from it.

Fair like.

Anyway I recently discovered the simple palette that Bella Hadid swears by, and it surprised me.

Why? Well because it only has four colours in it.

bella hadid

The Dior Backstage Glow Palette is the model’s go-to for red carpets, runways and anything else.

On the Dior website, the palette is described as  “the Dior makeup artists’ secret weapon to add instant radiance to any look, from a natural healthy look to intense luminosity.”

Literally, describing Bella’s look.

Inspired by the energy backstage at the runway shows, the Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette includes a collection of makeup artist essentials in a single palette.

This palette features iridescent textures and buildable shades that suit all skin tones.

What I really love is it has a number of uses.

The shades in this palette can be used as eyeshadow, blusher and highlighter.

So while it is pricey, at 50 quid, you definitely get your money’s worth.