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03rd Apr 2019

This is the one simple trick you need to remove foundation stains from clothes

May our whites be white again.
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We swear we’re careful but sometimes stains just inexplicably appear on our clothes.

Once foundation, tan or eye shadow ends up on a white blouse it’s usually a goner. Especially if you haven’t actually noticed the stain until later on in the evening – or, worse, the morning after a night out.

We all have those discarded garments lying in a pile of disappointment in the hope that someday someone will come along and fix our mess.

According to Popsugar, the solution has been lying in our bathroom cabinets all this time.

The solution is simply to use shaving cream. They suggest, “turn to shaving cream to remove smears of oil-free foundation from collars, carpets, and bath mats.

“You can also mix in a touch of alcohol if the stain won’t lift with shaving cream alone. After treating the fabric, throw it in the wash to really get that stain out.”

So if you have a pile of washing to get stuck into later today, this tip might come in very handy for the makeup stains that ruin your fave clothes.

Especially if you’re planning to wash your white clothing.