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12th May 2019

The one big mistake we’re all making when using a face mask


In recent years, face masks have become less of a monthly treat and more of a regular part of our skincare regime.

Yes, whether you use liquid masks or sheet masks, no doubt you find yourself reaching for them a little more than you used to.

However, there are many of us that are making one rather huge mistake when it comes to the skincare step.

If, like us, you like to throw out the rule book when it comes to how long you leave your sheet mask on for in an effort to get the most out of the product, then you could be doing a whole lot more harm than good.

Celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman revealed to Cosmopolitan that it’s a common skin sin of many.

“Adhering to the time recommendations of any type of sheet mask is very important because the benefits only apply while the mask is still wet,” she told Cosmo.

“When the mask dries out it will actually begin to draw moisture and vitamins away from the skin, rather than to nourish or hydrate it as intended.”

In fact, leaving a sheet mask on for too long can also result in irritation and make your skin more prone to acne, according to the expert.

So, now you know – follow the rules for optimum results.