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25th Apr 2016

The C-String is here and we have a lot of questions

It makes a G-string look prudish

So eh, yeah this happened.

Someone somewhere decided that the strings of a G-string displayed too much of a visible panty line. And so they’ve developed the C-string.

It looks like this.


Look close, you might have missed it.


(CLUE: it’s that tiny scrap of material).

The C-String contains wire to bend it into shape and stick between your bottom.

So yeah.

Reviews are pretty positive. One wearer writes:

“A girlfriend got me to try the C String last year. At first, I wore it just around our house, then under my jeans when going out. It’s quite comfortable, I’d say more so than my thongs, even while sitting through hours-long boring college lectures. In fact, you can easily forget you even have it on! The real test was a month later at the beach on vacation overseas. I admit at first I was dreadfully insecure at the thought of it falling off while walking around without me noticing and leaving me totally nude (it was a topless beach). But it didn’t and provided me with some necessary modesty down there. But I do have to admit it was kind of fun watching some of the guys do a double-take but not getting to see what they wanted.”

They come in a variety of colours and fabrics. Check them out HERE.

Please let us know how that goes.