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03rd May 2021

Shoppers claim this €20 foundation is better than far more expensive designer versions

Boots No7 No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

Lockdown is ending and for most of us, this slow return to some normality might mean actually putting on makeup again – after a year of only bothering to when we needed to have the camera ON during Zoom meetings.

All your old foundations dried up?

Fear not – we know exactly the one you should be picking up on your next trip out to the shops – and it won’t even break the bank.

Just nip into your nearest Boots and grab one of their No7 Stay Perfect foundations – you’ll no doubt find one that matches your skin colour considering it comes in 17 different skin-true shades.

Much like the much more expensive Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, which is a favourite with many Irish women, Boots’ No7 Stay Perfect also offers up to 24-hour full coverage and complexion-blending colour which really melts into your skin and blends into the perfect natural-looking colour.

Even better? It feels light on your skin, yet also provided full colour, evening out any flaws or discolouration, and just leaving you with really glowy, flawless-looking skin. Which, I think we can all agree, is the Holy Grain when it comes to foundations, no?

Still in doubt it can match up to some of the more expensive brands? Take a look at some of the glowing reviews happy shoppers have left:

“I nearly gave up hopes of finding a good foundation after Max Factor discontinued mine and YSL changed the formula of my winter foundation. The friendly lady at No7 poured out some shades in a little cup to let me try since there are no testers and now I’m just over the moon,” one lady has written.

“Cool Ivory is just perfect for me and replaces YSL in shade BR30 which was slightly too orange anyway. Even better, it doesn’t have a noticeable fragrance (which is a nightmare when you get migraines). Once again, when things have disappeared or have been discontinued, Boots comes up with the solution. I’m gradually changing out all my skincare brands for Boots and No7.”

Another one wrote:

“Not often I wear makeup, so just slapped a bit foundation on and mascara this morning, it’s now 7 at night and I’ve just been asked for ID… over the moon, took a good few years off me.”

And yet another happy shopper said:

“Love this foundation have been using for a while now. I can get sensitive skin and this foundation has never caused any skin issues. It isn’t too thick and gives great coverage that does last.”