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22nd Mar 2024

What is niksen? The lifestyle trend helping women feel calmer

Kat O'Connor

Niksen is the lifestyle trend we’re obsessed with

Does anyone else feel like you always have to be busy? Our every waking moment needs to be used wisely, especially in a world that is obsessed with having an Instagram-worthy life. However, we should be embracing a more relaxed lifestyle and that’s where Niksen comes in.

Niksen is all about the art of doing nothing in a world that is obsessed with being busy.

Do you ever feel pressured to be busy every single weekend? Sometimes I’ll spend my weekend at home, watching endless episodes of Gilmore Girls. The wildest thing I’ll do is buy a coffee from my local cafe or go for a stroll with my sister.

Quietier weekends are few and far between these days with family parties, weddings, trips away, and concerts taking up the limited amount of free-time we have.

But is the art of doing nothing something we need to embrace?

Niksen is all about “doing nothing, to be idle or doing something without any use”.

It’s a way of life so many of us are unfamiliar with but could it be good for us in the long term?

Sociologist Ruut Veenhoven told Time Magazine that it is all about finding out what relaxes you.

There are some things you’ll find relaxing that others will find mind-boggling boring.

Veenhoven explained: “We should have moments of relaxation, and relaxation can be combined with easy, semi-automatic activity, such as knitting.

“One aspect of the ‘art of living’ is to find out what ways of relaxing fit you best. There’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, you’ll discover which behaviors are most effective for you though trial and error,” they added.

Giving yourself time to slow down has both mental and physical benefits. It gives your body a moment to breathe in a hectic world.

Challenge yourself to a niksen weekend and trust me, you’ll feel a major difference

It also lets your mind slow down and switch off amid stressful working weeks and hectic social calendars.

Eve Ekman of the Greater Good Science Centre believes it has the power to reduce anxiety symptoms.

As someone with an anxiety disorder, allowing myself time to do nothing can actually help me feel more in control.

You’re stepping away from situations that can feel overwhelming or too busy and you’re giving your mind a moment to embrace the quiet.

Embracing the niksen way of living lets you appreciate quiet moments, peaceful days, and empty calendars.

I find one quiet weekend a month has helped me regain balance in my life.

Not filling every day with plans gives me a chance to relax, as well as time to reflect and to simply do nothing.

The niksen trend may feel overwhelming at first, but not being busy all the time is a good thing. Trust me.