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25th Sep 2023

You can smell like royalty for €76 as the Queen’s favourite perfume is revealed


Eau de Queen.

While the lifestyles of the royal family feel unattainable and far removed from our lives, every now and again a detail of their daily routines makes its way onto the internet, giving us an opportunity to add a dash of royalty to our own.

Between dupes to achieve Kate Middleton’s ladylike style or the beauty products of Meghan Markle, they are not as different to the everyday girl as we may once have believed, as many are affordable enough to mimic and use ourselves.

Queen Elizabeth II once received the gift of perfume for her 29th birthday in 1955, three years after ascending to the throne, and upon receiving the perfume, she wrote a letter of thanks that detailed her love for the scent, and it’s one we all know and could bag for a reasonable price on payday.

The birthday gift in question was Chanel No. 5 and was sent by Frederick ‘Boy’ Browning, a Knight Commander who was also treasurer in the Office of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, the Queen’s husband.

The letter reads: “Dear Boy, As usual, you have discovered just the very thing I particularly wanted, and I want to thank you very much indeed for the birthday present of the Chanel scent. I am already using it and, I hope, smelling all the better for it!”

It is a scent we are all too familiar with; from wearing it ourselves, spritzing it on in stores, or hearing about it, the iconic perfume has stood the test of time and is still as popular today.

From just €76, you can add the royal-approved perfume to your bathroom cabinet and tap into the queen that already exists within.