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09th Mar 2024

Wearing perfume to bed is now a popular night-time ritual but why are people doing it?

Jody Coffey


‘Perfume is like music that you wear’ – Mathilde Thomas

Perfume is expensive, and for this reason, many of us will reserve wearing it for special occasions or when we know others will get to enjoy it too.

The idea of using several spritzes of our favourite fragrance before we hit the hay may feel like a waste of money and scent, but millions are doing it every night.

A very niche corner of TikTok has been carved out for perfume enthusiasts who like to indulge in their preferred aroma just before they go to sleep.

One quick search on the app for ‘perfumes for bedtime’ or ‘wearing perfume to bed’ and you’ll find that it’s a growing trend.


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But why?

While spraying perfume as the final part of our skincare routine isn’t exactly conventional, TikTok users have shared the reasoning behind doing so.

The idea behind this trend is to enhance relaxation, to ‘romanticise’ your life, and to give yourself that additional moment of self-care in your nighttime ritual.

Our busy lives mean we may never take the time to sit and really appreciate the perfumes we spend so much money on.

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Instead of reserving your fragrance for others to enjoy, spritz a little before bed for you to enjoy.

Some users have specific scents for different moods, depending on the type of day they’ve had and the type of sleep they need.

People online are documenting the scents they’ve found to promote a deeper and better quality of sleep, and are offering recommendations to viewers about what works best for them.

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What are the benefits of wearing perfume to bed?

Outside of it being an additional treat that promotes self-love, research has shown that scents can be an effective way to combat insomnia.

Some aromas are known to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, increase serotonin production for that happy feeling, and improve overall mood by encouraging a dopamine release. 

Simply apply your perfume to pulse points (inside of the wrists, elbows, and behind the ears) like you normally would, leaving the liquid to sink in itself.

If you’re not keen on spraying your skin at bedtime, users have recommended spraying your hair, combing the perfume through your locks, or giving a spritz to your pillowcase.