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15th Apr 2017

Research establishes a surprising fact for what causes acne

Researchers hope this will lead to the development of new treatments.

A study conducted by scientists based in the United States found an important link between Vitamin B12 and the development of acne.

The research showed that B12 is a catalyst that quickens the activity of a bug which causes acne.

Although previous studies have linked taking vitamin B12 supplements to the distressing skin condition, there was no explanation for why it caused pimples.

The California University research team has discovered that vitamin B12 changes the metabolic activity of Propionibacterium acnes, the skin bacteria responsible for acne.

The bacteria then secrete an inflammatory compound which causes spots to form.

Researchers have stressed that not everyone suffers the same level of acne due to the complicated interaction between bacteria and host.


The team’s findings were reported in a journal entitled Science Translational Medicine where they said:

“Our study discovered that vitamin B12, an essential nutrient in humans, modulates the transcriptional activities of skin bacteria, and provided evidence that metabolite-mediated interactions between the host and the skin microbiota play essential roles in disease development”.

It is believed that this new study will lead to further breakthroughs in the treatment of this skin condition.

Vitamin B12 is essential for both red blood cell formation and functioning of the brain and nervous system.

It is found in animal produce including meat, eggs, fish, poultry and milk.