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02nd Oct 2018

‘Pumpkin butt’ is the Halloween trend where you bedazzle your behind

It's extra.

Denise Curtin

I can’t believe I’m writing this.

But yeah, Halloween costumes don’t even need to cost a cent these days it appears as you can literally paint your bum orange and hit the club, bang on trend.

Note: we’re not advising this nor are we taking part.

But yes, the latest trend to fill our feeds involves literally painting your butt to look like a pumpkin.

A trend which was started by makeup artists sees them pose their derrière(s) covered in jewels and surprisingly, the result are seriously impressive.


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Who knew bums were the perfect shape to turn into pumpkins? Well, 2018 is the year everyone found out.


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Pair this look with some bottomless chaps and a “nice top” for the ultimate scare.

Pumpkin bum was orignially a cute trend mothers used to do with their babies for Halloween (see below).


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However, now the trend has been made seriously boujee and more 18+ than 6mnths and under.

Yep, this is a wild one.