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01st Feb 2018

Professionals share the one style that works on any hair type

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In the mood for a hair change?

Earlier this year, hair professionals decreed that ‘layering’ was out of fashion although to be fair, we took this news with a pinch of salt.

It seems that the experts have now decided that there’s one key style which is very much in and that’s the ‘A-line’.

You probably know the style, shorter in the back and longer at the front, but you may not have heard the term before now.

In fact, now that we’re looking at photos of the A-line, it reminds us very much of a lob, aka long bob.

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Speaking to Refinery 29, hairstylist Jon Reyman explained:

“An A-line haircut is typically shown as a bob, which begins between the nape of the neck and the shoulders. It’s shortest at the back perimeter and gradually lengthens to the front.”

Although this might be the typical look, it can be adapted for long hair too but there needs to be more than an inch of difference.

Apparently, the A-line is set to become a big deal this year as “adding an angle” can be an easy way to update your hairstyle.

A classic look that is about to see a resurgence…