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17th Aug 2017

Pokemon makeup brushes are here and we gotta catch ’em all

A perfect bit of 90's nostalgia.

We want them all.

A few weeks ago, we told you about these Game of Thrones makeup brushes being sold by a company in the US.

They were just so magical that we couldn’t stop looking at the photos.

And now we’ve found a set of brushes that will blend a little bit of ’90s nostalgia into your morning routine.

Pokemon fans can now get in on the exciting accessory trend with this set of makeup brushes. 

Etsy user SimbaeShop created the nostalgic nine piece bundle…and we gotta catch ’em all.

Each one of the beauty tools features a different evolution of Eevee – including the original.

The set includes a fan brush, flat shader brush, large blending brush, a small blending brush, a pencil brush, a lip brush, an eyeliner brush, a flat shade brush and a small pencil brush – so all your bases are covered.

And in even better news for anyone hoping to be a Pokemon master with one brushstroke, these brushes ship to Ireland.

The full set of nine brushes on Etsy will set you back €41.87 – including shipping.

Featured Image via Cartoon Network Youtube/Image via SimbaeShop’s Etsy