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05th Jun 2019

Perfectil 90 Day Challenge update: How I’m getting on four weeks in

Brought to you by Perfectil.

I’m a month into taking Perfectil – and I’m surprised to already be seeing a difference.

Given that it’s a 90 Day Challenge, I had expected it to take a little longer to start working so I’m pretty happy.

The biggest change I’ve seen so far has been in my skin.

Though I’m lucky enough to never have had serious acne, I’ve always had texture in my complexion as well as regular spots, mostly on my chin and around my mouth.

My skin has appeared clearer and smoother over the past week.

My period arrived a few days ago and and the spots I usually deal with at this time of the month aren’t as aggressive.

I think my hair is slowly starting to improve in quality too.

It’s been damaged from years of dyeing it blonde and using tools and is naturally quite thin, so luscious locks is a lot to ask of a supplement.

Still, I feel as though it is beginning to grow well.

My nails grow quite slowly so I’ve yet to see much of a difference there.

I’ve been keeping them trim and avoiding getting them stained with tan or polish in anticipation of them growing out stronger and healthier.

I’m hoping to see more change when I update you again in a month’s time.

Brought to you by Perfectil. 

Perfectil’s range of beauty supplements are designed with specific vitamins and minerals to keep your skin, hair and nails looking healthy and happy all year around.

Perfectil contains biotin to help maintain normal skin, zinc to help maintain normal hair and selenium to help maintain normal nails.

The supplements work from within, delivering nourishment through the bloodstream.

So, we’re asking YOU to take the 90 Day Challenge using Perfectil with along with me!  You can pick up a pack of Perfectil in your local pharmacy or health food store for only €12.99.

We’re asking the winners of our giveaway to take the 90 Day Challenge and give regular updates on social media to document their journey to better skin, hair and nails.

So go on, embrace the true beauty of your skin, hair and nails, and see how effective that Perfectil really is.