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06th Sep 2017

Braided brows have become a thing and they are certainly a look

HOW do they do that?

Jade Hayden

braided brows

What next?

We’ve already delved deep into the questionable look that is the wavy brow, but now we’ve come across another trend that is arguably even stranger.

Forget simply braiding your hair, because people have now decided that they want braids on their actual eyebrows.

And it looks bizarre.


But bizarre.

@hellylife with braided brows ?? #braidedbrows

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But don’t go getting your braiding fingers ready just yet because there is a catch.

For the likes of Instagram users like erosuma pictured above, braided brows is more a concept rather than an actual thing he has done to his face.

Or, in other words, he photoshopped the braid onto his eyebrow, did some fire eye makeup, and uploaded the picture.


We can only go ahead and assume then that all of the braided brows we’ve been seeing all over our Instagrams are as fake as erosuma’s.

But even still, it hasn’t stopped people from wanting to try the look out themselves.

Even if it means taking a photoshop lesson or two.

#braidedbrows #yesorno? #oya oh, where dem #mua @?

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This person, however, seems to have actually managed to braid their brows for real.

And, to be honest, it doesn’t actually look too far off the edited photos.

I tried!! No good but still look cute for me. #braidedbrows

A post shared by Priscilla Lopez (@glambypriscillab) on


This person opted to use some of her old extensions to get her braid on. Fair play to her.

Lemme jump on this band wagon #braidedbrows #braid #eyebrows

A post shared by Amber White (@am_bee94) on

Fake, real, or something in between, we’re not all too sure about this braided brows trend.

And as something that you definitely wouldn’t be able to whip up a few minutes before heading on a night out, it just really isn’t all that practical.

We’ll stick to the humble brow pencil, thanks.