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25th Aug 2019

The ‘peach cobbler’ hair trend is legit making us want to dye our hair red right now

Think red with a hint of pink.

Anna O'Rourke


While redheads don’t always get the glory that they should, you can’t deny that it’s one of the most striking hair colours to rock.

It’s so beautiful in its natural state that we’d be reluctant to put any other colour through it but a new hair trend is making reconsider everything we know.

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Warm peach cobbler hair, as coined by US-based hair stylist Chad Kenyon, is like a very gentle ombré look for redheads – think super-soft blended blonde tones that almost have a pinky quality.

Chad achieved this finish by first painting in creamy blonde balayage, he told Allure.

“I then painted a soft shadow-root, lowlights, and a global-gloss (all over) with varying nutmeg-infused peach tones.”

He made sure to paint through the hair using a marble effect for the most natural possible grow-out.

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While it’s a look that was created for a natural redhead, we reckon someone with naturally light brown hair could rock this too.

Ask your stylist to add some coppery lowlights through your hair and then some very subtle blond balayage towards the ends.

You may not get your desired finish straight away but we guarantee that once you do, you’ll be obsessed.