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12th Feb 2021

The new Sculpted by Aimee lip duo is a handbag must have

Add this to your make up buys for 2021.

I am a huge lipstick gal, it’s probably the make up product I buy the most outside of mascara.

One make up item I’m an absolute devil for not stocking up on though is lip liner and I don’t know how many times I’ve used a new lipstick only to be raging a second later that I don’t have a liner to match.

Recently Sculpted by Aimee released a new range of lip duos that are a lipstick and liner in one so of course I had to try them out.

The Undressed Lip Duo Collection from Sculpted by Aimee comes in three different shades- Nude, Bare and Naked.

All three shades are warm, nude toned lipsticks with matching lip liners and let’s face it a nude lipstick is one of the make up bag staples so already it’s a winner.

The Nude duo is a classic warm toned nude featuring a sandy brown liner and a neutral lipstick, while the Naked is a soft pink nude with a deeper rose brown liner and a lighter neutral pink lipstick.

My favourite of the three has to be the Bare duo though, which is a rich nude which boasts a deep brown liner with a warm brown lipstick.

Both ends of the lip duo are twistable and you get a decent amount of product in each end.

One of my pet peeves is when you buy a lip liner that looks like a pencil or twistable and it actually only has a tiny amount in it.

The lipstick is really creamy and didn’t leave my lips feeling dry after I applied it which is always a bonus.

The Undressed lip duos retail for €19 on Aimee’s website which considering you get both a lipstick and a lip liner is actually pretty good value.

Would definitely recommend both on handiness and the great range of nude shade options.