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27th Apr 2021

A new caviar skincare range is coming to Lidl – for as little as €5.99

Sarah McKenna Barry

These look unreal.

Unusual ingredients are a common feature in the beauty industry.

For years, experts have been touting a number of unconventional extracts for their anti-ageing properties. Bee venom, for instance, is said to work wonders. Snail mucus is another one.

It’s no wonder then, that caviar is having a bit of a moment right now.

While caviar typically comes with an expensive price-tag, Irish skincare fanatics will soon be able to buy a little bit of luxury at one of our favourite budget supermarkets.

From next month, Lidl shoppers will be able to get their hands on a number of caviar extract skincare products.

Apparently, caviar extract is sought out in the skincare industry due to a number of its properties. According to Lidl, the luxury ingredient can “boost collagen” and “slow skin ageing”. The company added that the extract leaves the user with a “fresh and rejuvenated appearance”.

In true Lidl fashion, however, the European supermarket is offering this luxury product at an affordable price through its Cien line.

Announcing the new range of products, the company said:

“Lidl Ireland is once again offering luxury on a budget with the drop of its new, high calibre Cien Caviar skincare collection.

“Usually considered a lavish delicacy, caviar is fast becoming a cult beauty ingredient with its intense moisturising and texture smoothing benefits, despite branded products often carrying a hefty price tag. However, Lidl’s Cien Caviar collection boasts 6 affordable yet effective caviar-infused products that are widely comparable to their luxe counterparts.”

The new range features six new products including a triple-action moisturiser cream and an anti-wrinkle serum.

Lidl added that as well as caviar, the products also contain hyaluronic acid, an ingredient known to boost skin hydration.

The new collection lands in stores on Thursday 6 May.